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Quick Dry Enamel HI OP White (20 Litre)
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Quick Dry Enamel HI OP White (20 Litre)

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Industrial Top Coat

Industrial Quick Dry Top Coat Enamel Paint  (HI OP White)

Metal To Finish- Product Data Sheet

Production Description: 

Metal prime is an alkyd based zinc phosphate anticorrosive primer with the Non toxic 

dried film, Quick drying and available in few colours. 

Application: It can be applied on Structural steel, Trusses, Cranes, earthmoving and 

mining equipment. Transportation and materials handling industries 

Technical Information: 

Colour : Matt finishes with Standard colours 

Volume solids : 38 to 40 % depends on colours 

Specific Gravity : 1.02 to 1.04 Kg/Lt. 

Theoretical Coverage: 

10 to 12 sq.mtr. / Liter at 35 microns. Practical coverage depends on surface profile, 

method of application and dry film thickness. We recommend 50 microns dry film 


Drying Time: 


Touch dry 1 – 2 hours. Recoat – after 4 hours. Hard dry over night. 

Above data should be considered for guidelines only. Actual drying time can depends 

on number of coats, thinning, temperature, and ventilation etc. 

Application Condition: 

Surface Preparation: All surfaces to be coated should be clean, dry and free from 

other contamination. Before application of this paint, surface should be treated in 

accordance with ISO 8504:1992. Solvent cleaning should remove oil and grease. 

Blast cleaning to Sa 21/2 (ISO 8501-1:1998) OR SSPC SP6.If any surface defect 

found, it should be ground, filled or treated as per standard manner. 

Application Data: 

Brush or Roller – Thinning not normally required. 

Conventional Spray – Thin approximately 20% and apply. 

Airless Spray - Thin approximately 5 – 10% and apply. 


Clean Up: 

Clean all equipment immediately after use with thinner .It is good to flush out spray 

equipment periodically during the working day. All surplus materials and empty 

containers should be disposed in accordance with regional regulations. Storage and Packing: The product must be stored as per the national regulations. It 

should be stored in dry place with proper ventilation. The containers should be sealed 


Health & Safety: 

Please observe the precautionary notice displayed on the container. Spray under well 

ventilated conditions. Avoid skin contact. Eye should be well flushed with water and 

medical attention sought immediately. 

Issued: Jan 2008.


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